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      balla lavish dance requiring formal attire
      boleroa Spanish dance in triple time accompanied by guitar and castanets
      cariocaa lively ballroom dance that resembles the samba
      choreographersomeone who creates new dances
      congaa Latin American dance of 3 steps and a kick by people in single file
      cotilliona lively dance originating in France in the 18th century
      cotilliona ball at which young ladies are presented to society
      dancean artistic form of nonverbal communication
      dancea party for social dancing
      dancingtaking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
      hoofdance in a professional capacity
      hulaa Polynesian rain dance performed by a woman
      jitterbuga jerky American dance that was popular in the 1940s
      lancersa quadrille for 8 or 16 couples
      minueta stately court dance in the 17th century
      polkaa Bohemian dance with 3 steps and a hop in fast time
      promenadea square dance figure; couples march counterclockwise in a circle
      recitalperformance of music or dance especially by soloists
      rumbaa ballroom dance based on the Cuban folk dance
      sambaa lively ballroom dance from Brazil
      shaga lively dance step consisting of hopping on each foot in turn
      stompa dance involving a rhythmical stamping step
      tangoa ballroom dance of Latin-American origin

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