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      affectedspeaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression
      altruismthe quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others
      aproposof an appropriate or pertinent nature
      backbonefortitude and determination; 'he didn't have the guts to try it'
      benevolencean inclination to do kind or charitable acts
      benevolentgenerous in providing aid to others
      bountygenerosity evidenced by a willingness to give freely
      brawnpossessing muscular strength
      chieflyfor the most part; 'he is mainly interested in butterflies'
      colorlessweak in color; not colorful
      crookednot straight; dishonest or immoral or evasive
      delicacylack of physical strength
      delicacysubtly skillful handling of a situation
      dimensionalof or relating to dimensions
      diplomacysubtly skillful handling of a situation
      dramathe quality of being arresting or highly emotional
      drynessmoderation in or abstinence from alcohol or other drugs
      evenlyin a level and regular way
      exceedinglyto an extreme degree; 'extremely cold'; 'extremely unpleasant'
      excessivelyto a degree exceeding normal or proper limits; 'too big'
      finessesubtly skillful handling of a situation
      foresightprovidence by virtue of planning prudently for the future
      fortitudestrength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage
      fragilitylack of physical strength
      fragilityquality of being easily damaged or destroyed
      generositythe trait of being willing to give your money or time
      goodmorally admirable
      gritfortitude and determination; 'he didn't have the guts to try it'
      gumptionfortitude and determination; 'he didn't have the guts to try it'
      hardresisting weight or pressure
      humanemarked or motivated by concern with the alleviation of suffering
      illogicallacking in correct logical relation
      immeasurableimpossible to measure; 'unmeasurable reaches of outer space'
      immoraldeliberately violating accepted principles of right and wrong
      inaccessiblecapable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all
      inauspiciousnot auspicious; boding ill
      insignificantnot worthy of notice
      interestingarousing or holding the attention
      justicethe quality of being just or fair
      lethargyweakness characterized by a lack of vitality or energy
      maleficentharmful or evil in intent or effect
      mightphysical strength
      moderationthe trait of avoiding excesses
      moxiefortitude and determination; 'he didn't have the guts to try it'
      neutralpossessing no distinctive quality or characteristics
      normallyunder normal conditions; 'usually she was late'
      originallyin an original manner
      outrageouslyto an extravagant or immoderate degree; 'atrociously expensive'
      paternalcharacteristic of a father
      powerlesslacking power
      profoundlyto a great depth psychologically; 'They felt the loss deeply'
      prudencediscretion in practical affairs
      sandfortitude and determination; 'he didn't have the guts to try it'
      slowinga decrease in rate of change; 'the deceleration of the arms race'
      sobrietymoderation in or abstinence from alcohol or other drugs
      softwilling to negotiate and compromise
      sportsmanshipfairness in following the rules of the game
      staminaenduring strength and energy
      sustainablecapable of being sustained
      tactconsideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense
      temperancethe trait of avoiding excesses
      thinlywithout viscosity; 'the blood was flowing thin'
      toughnessthe property of being big and strong
      unequalpoorly balanced or matched in quantity or value or measure
      unevenlyin an uneven and irregular way
      unreasonablenot reasonable; not showing good judgment
      validitythe property of being strong and healthy in constitution
      vigoractive strength of body or mind
      vigouractive strength of body or mind
      virtuethe quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong
      virtuea particular moral excellence
      vulnerabilitysusceptibility to injury or attack

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